Tuition Assistance


The purpose of The Greene School’s tuition assistance program is to provide financial assistance to parents
and their children who, without such help, would not have the opportunity to attend the School and benefit
from the education it provides.


All tuition assistance awards are need-based. The Greene School does not award merit scholarships or sibling


Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) should be completed in full and submitted online to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) Please be sure to designate The Greene School as a recipient of the Report of Financial Need. The School’s SSS Code is 9113. Interest in tuition assistance is great. It is important to file the necessary forms as soon as possible after January 1. The due date for tuition assistance applications is February 15th.

The School expects that both natural/legal parents will contribute to the cost of education to the best of their abilities. The non-custodial parent must file a Financial Statement for Non-Custodial Parents. This statement, W-2 forms, the three previous years of 1040 Forms and a signed IRS form 4506-T should be sent directly to The Greene School.

Tuition assistance awards are made on a year-by-year basis, and are not automatically renewable. Every year, families receiving tuition assistance must reapply in order to be considered for a tuition assistance award for the following academic year. Subject to the other provisions of this policy, The Greene School will strive to continue funding a student who has received tuition assistance, unless he or she no longer demonstrates need or otherwise fails to satisfy the conditions for receiving tuition assistance. In general, it is expected that when a family applies for tuition assistance, both parents are employed in order to help fund an independent school education for their children.