Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Ground Team

Our teachers arrive to The Greene School from around the globe, and equipped with extensive experience. All teachers hold (at least a) master degree(s).


Core Teachers
Beth Vaides
Catherine Cordero
Connie Giles
Deborah Harris
Dina Scellato
Farrah Weiss
Kaye Ebelt
Kristen Hill
Kristina Hambrock
Megan Walsh
Robert Adanto
Ryan Smith
Samantha Smith
Steve Amrol

Enrichment Teachers
Amber Schullstrom
Ben Simmonds
Catherine Petronio
Courtney Demri
Josephine Camacho
Liza Fred
Olga Cones

Leadership Team
Dr. Denise Spirou
Brett Hannan
Dawn Derosa
Peter Valastro


Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees ensures the alignment of our global mission to prepare students for the future.


Jeff Greene
Mei Greene
Elizabeth Gordon
Eddie Leevan
Kwong Chan