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Early Childhood (Age 4+)

In our Early Childhood Program, children discover the joy of learning and become critical thinkers through hands-on experiences. The classroom offers a nurturing and safe environment to navigate social relationships. In this child- centered environment, students develop a positive attitude, build self-esteem, and adapt to daily routines.

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Lower School (Grade: K - 4)

The Greene School’s academic program is rich with accelerated content to fosters critical thinking and problem solving via in-depth studies. We provide even our youngest students ample opportunities to make connections across the disciplines whilst focusing on their social-emotional development

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Upper School (Grade: 5 - 8)

As our students progress into Middle School, the goal of our program is to inform and inspire, to allow opportunities for students to find their voice and passions, and for students to gain ownership of their learning.

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Enrichment Offerings

In addition to their core subjects, students across all grades pursue a plethora of enrichment classes, both during the school day, and as part of our free aftercare (daily until 5:30PM) offerings. We provide an equal balance of left and right brain learning.

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Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Greene School offers an accelerated curriculum to students in Pre-K through 8th grade. Through an inquiry-based classroom environment, Greene School students embrace learning beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge, we prepare students to analyze situations, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively in a dynamic world.


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